"Terms of Service"

including compliance to Federal and State laws.
IMPORTANT: Please read carefully the following Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions, please call a representative of
Caddells VMS (MT Marketing Store Inc.) for clarifications. (615-890-4137) Thank you for your business.

By Logging In, Requesting and Purchasing the Database from Caddells VMS (MT Marketing Store Inc.) Online Database Software.“I agree to the following terms”.


The buyer (Licensee) agrees to use this information in compliance with any and all applicable Federal and State laws,
rules, and regulations, including but not limited to those concerning fax broadcasts, e-mail transmissions, and
direct marketing. Any person violating such laws may be subject to civil and criminal penalties, which may exceed $500
for each transmission of an unsolicited facsimile. Licensee will abide by the current business practices respecting the
privacy of consumers and will not imply to an individual that any specific information is known about that individual.

Licensee may purchase the rights to use the Information for confidential use within one year from the date of purchase.

Licensing Term will be for:

“One-time use” – The list is good for one use within

(90) ninety days – of the list purchase, unless otherwise designated.

“Multiple use” – The lists will be designated for an unlimited number of times within one year of the list purchase. (Re-certification is required every (90) ninety days to receive automated postal rates.)

Re-certification – Re-certification is required every (90) ninety days to receive automated postal rates.

Delivery Information: After Mailing List has been complied and the payment has been approved, you will receive an email
with final instructions on how to receive the list. This normally takes less than 24 hrs but is some cases may take up to two (2) business day. If you do not respond to the delivery email we will contact you by phone. 

Refund Policy: No Refunds after Mailing List has been compiled and the payment has been approved.

Note: Address coding (Seed Address Coding) maybe incorporated in the mailing list to verify how many times the list is used. If the mailing list is used more than Licensing Term, the buyer (Licensee) agrees to pay for the additional Licensing Terms.

Licensing Terms:

Except with written consent, Licensee shall not:
1. Use or permit the use of Information for generating any statistical information which is sold, rented, published, furnished or in any manner provided to a third party;

2. Use or permit the use of Information to prepare any comparison to other information data bases, which is sold, rented, published, furnished or in any manner provided to a third party;

3. Use or permit the use of Information in connection with individual credit, employment or insurance applications. Publish, distribute or permit disclosure of the information, other than to employees and agents of the Licensee for internal use in the Licensees’ business;

4. Use or permit use of Information for the purpose of compiling, enhancing, verifying, supplementing adding to, or deleting from any mailing list, geographic or trade directories, business directories, classified directories, classified advertising, or other compilation of information which is sold, rented, published, furnished or in any manner provided to a third party.

5. Use or permit use of Information to advertise, sell, or exchange any products or services relating to illegal or illicit activities, including, without limitation, sexual products or services, drug products or services, pornographic materials, weapons, or involving credit repair services. If User receives consumer lifestyle data with Information, such lifestyle data shall not be used in connection with any telemarketing activities. All marketing communications used in connection with Information shall

(i) be devoid of any reference to any selection criteria or presumed knowledge concerning the intended recipient of such solicitation, or the source of the recipient’s name and address;

(ii) comply with all applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations; and 

(iii) comply with all applicable privacy policies, ethical use and Fair Information Practices published by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). 

We do not warrant the comprehensiveness, completeness, or accuracy of Information. The Information is provided to licensee “as is” without guarantee, and we make no express or implied warranties, including without limitation, any express or implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose. We shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental, special damages, lost profits or any damages of a similar nature even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.