November 9, 2017

How to Design Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

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An advertising campaign can be cost prohibitive and difficult to plan and manage. Direct mail marketing campaigns are a less expensive way to reach out to a targeted market. With some basic planning and strategies, businesses of all sizes can effectively use direct mail to improve sales or increase revenue. Here are three basic steps needed to design a direct mail marketing campaign.


Using Direct Mail to Target Your Audience

There are two basic elements needed to launch a direct mail marketing campaign: a mailing list and a tangible mailer. Developing your mailing list is the most important part of the campaign. In order to achieve a high level response rate, it’s important to target your message toward an audience that is most likely to respond. Existing customers help create a base of your most likely prospects so start with them. Take a look at your typical customers and generate a list of people who have profiles matching your present customer base. Once you determine the typical customer profile, you can work with a mailing list service to obtain a mailing list of matching prospects. Selecting a mailing list is simple and quick.

Using Direct Mail to Maximize Response Levels

Marketing of any type is repetitive. The typical response level for a marketing strategy that includes direct mail campaigns is between 1 and 3 percent. Of course, the higher response levels mean more business, which is the ultimate goal. In order to generate higher response levels, the design of the mail out is important. It should always contain a well defined call-to-action, along with a clear message. It’s also a good idea to offer consumers numerous ways to respond so they can do so in a way that is most comfortable to them. Make different means of communication available to consumers, including telephone, postal mail or email. You can also direct them to your business website. Increase customer response by offering attractive incentives and above all, be creative with the mail out, and with the campaign. For years, You Print Today and Caddells VMS have used Direct Mail to drive customers to the store or to the website. Direct mail is ideal for reaching new customers. Social media works well for keeping in contact with existing customers. Since social media is no longer free and the costs are increasing, businesses are taking another look at direct mail marketing.

Evaluating Direct Mail Responses

Evaluating a campaign’s effectiveness is one of the most essential steps in an effective direct mail marketing campaign. You can use a variety of methods to track any responses. Options include codes or offers that give you a way to connect responses to specific mailings. This allows you to compare different campaigns to see which approaches are most effective. Measuring the campaign cost against the response rate gives you an idea of how cost effective a campaign really is. Generating an average cost-per-response is an important part of finding out how profitable a mailing has been. Direct mail is a continuous process that is constantly being tweaked and adapted as you come to understand your customers more. Each campaign is used to learn about your customers in order to refine the next mail out and campaign.

Caddells VMS has assisted our customers with direct marketing since 1989. We are ready to start an effective direct mail campaign specifically designed for you to reach your customers. Contact us now for more information on mailing list services.

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