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November 6, 2017
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The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing


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Many companies are shifting marketing efforts to online sources. However, the latest statistics demonstrate traditional marketing strategies like direct mail are even more effective than the latest in Internet marketing. Response rates for repetitive direct mail campaigns can average about 3 to 4 percent, while for email, it’s a mere 0.12 percent. Not only does direct mail prove to be more effective than electronic methods, it is time tested and sure. Read more about the many benefits associated with direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing Is Highly Targeted

One advantage to direct mailing is it is extremely targeted. Knowing the area a person resides in offers a lot of information about them, such as their income and even their interests. Each direct mailing list can be designed for a specific audience, reaching anywhere from long-term customers to new clients. Customers can receive offers and information tailored to meet their individual needs.

Direct Mail Marketing Is Easily Measured

It doesn’t take a lot of complicated analytics to measure the impact of a direct mail campaign. Contrary to electronically generated mail, direct mail makes it easy to find out when someone has taken action. It’s quite simple to measure a response rate when you receive phone calls or redeem coupons. These responses, or lack thereof, help to determine if the mail was sent out to the correct demographic.

Direct Mail Is Tangible

Customers are sure to see or read your messages since direct mail marketing services deliver it almost directly into the hands of consumers. When consumers touch a piece of mail, it gives them a tangible way to connect with a business. When they begin thinking about making a purchase, they are likely to remember what they saw and touched.

Direct Mail Is More Likely to be Read

Statistics suggest direct mail has a better chance of being read than an email. A mailbox automatically demands more attention than an inbox. When a company sends a piece of mail, you are sending your brand into a person’s household. When it is done properly, it seems more like an invitation than spam.  Direct mailers are designed to capture the customer’s attention as they walk from the mailbox to the house, especially if you offer something valuable to the recipient. This helps implant your brand into their minds and leaves them with a positive and long-lasting effect. We have personally found offering advice, such as hints on decorating, painting, fashion, finance, food and even when it’s time to fertilize your yard, separates our customers from the competition.

Direct Mail Is Easy to Personalize

Relevant campaigns can be designed to target customers and customized to include their personal information like their name. Adding a personalized touch can help make a solid connection with a consumer. This could promote following through with a purchase because they have something tangible that bears their name.

Caddells VMS have assisted our customers with direct marketing for more than 22 years. We are ready to start an effective direct mail campaign specifically designed for you to reach your customers. Contact us now for more information on mailing list services.

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