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November 7, 2017
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How Can Residential Mailing Lists Help Your Business?

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How Can Residential Mailing Lists Help Your Business?

Marketing efforts need to be focused on methods that generating leads and create the greatest impact. Mailing lists are an extremely effective marketing tool, because mailing lists can be highly targeted to reach the right audience. Using a residential mailing list makes sense for today’s local businesses. It means getting the right message to the right people. With careful planning and some simple logistics, consumers will get your message at the ideal moment. Here are some specific ways a residential mailing list can be beneficial.

Improving Response Rates

Response rates to direct mail campaigns are typically much higher than those of modern electronic campaigns because they are more focused to a specific demographic. The latest statistics indicate direct mail is read more frequently than email communications. Customers who receive a tangible piece of mail are more likely to feel connected to a business and therefore are more likely to follow through with a response. Tracking a marketing campaign is important, and it is much easier to measure the impact a residential mailing list has.

Saving on the Cost of Postage

Depending on the type of mail packages you select, you can save a substantial amount on postage. We know it is all about the numbers when operating a business, and when you’re sending standard bulk mail, you can save between 50 and 60 percent over First Class Mail. If you choose to send First Class bulk rates, you still save between 20 and 25 percent on the costs over First Class. This means your business saves a significant amount of money and carries out an effective marketing campaign at the same time.

Customizing Residential Mailing Lists

Customizing a residential mailing list is as easy as reviewing the type of customers you already have.  A mailing list can be generated and adapted to reach out to consumers who meet specific criteria, such as living within a certain region, owning a home in a specific neighborhood or their shopping preferences. By customizing a mailing list, you can reach consumers who are most likely to respond to the mailing and continue to do business with your institution. It means reaching who you want, when you want, with information beneficial to the consumer and their specific needs.

Reach New Customers

Building and maintaining a large client base is an essential part of the continued success of a business. In order to be productive in these efforts, reaching new customers on a consistent basis is key. Whether you generate your own or purchase mailing lists, adding to your reachable customer base is strategic and can help boost your business. A direct marketing campaign can reach more clientele in your region, which ultimately translates to more customers in contact with your business.

Caddells VMS have assisted our customers with direct marketing since 1989. We are ready to start an effective direct mail campaign specifically designed to reach your customers. Contact us now for more information on mailing list services.

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